When Big Sister Jill met her new Little Sister Hope and discovered that they have a mutual desire to learn American Sign Language, Jill thought to herself, “this match is meant to be!”

Jill and her Little Sister Hope

Hope is a bright, funny 9-year-old girl, whose list of aspirations includes becoming a firefighter, police officer, builder, chef, or a doctor.

Hope was recently introduced to her Big Sister Jill, and the pair immediately found that they had many similar interests, including arts and crafts, painting, and scrapbooking. But when her new Big Sister Jill mentioned that she had always wanted to learn sign language, Hope’s face lit up.

Hope is hearing impaired, and had expressed interest about learning sign language to her mother. Big Sister Jill was adopted and didn’t know much about her biological mother, other than the fact that she was hearing-impaired. Because of this, Jill has always had a soft-spot for the hearing-impaired. She spent 8 days as a volunteer at a deaf school, and there picked up some sign language. She has always wanted to learn but never really found the time. Without a partner to practice signing with and just general everyday obligations, taking the time to learn never got to be a priority. But the desire to learn has always been there.

When Jill learned that her new Little Sister Hope wanted to learn sign language as well, she was ecstatic and thought to herself, “this match is meant to be.”